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Houses & Barns by John Libby

H. B. Fleming copywriting


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“Martha always gives us a fresh approach that speaks to the intended audience. And her words are excellent!”

—Kate Butler Thomas, KBT Creative

“We were very blessed to have Martha join the creative team on this year’s Cancer Community Center Annual Report. She truly “gets” what we’re about. Her writing brought the designer’s concept to life, and she translated our words to communicate the message in a readable and entertaining (yes, entertaining in an annual report) way!”

—Michele Johns
Executive Director,  Cancer Community Center

“Martha quickly got up to speed with our construction terminology and really understands our business. She’s an exceptional listener and adept at condensing a thought that takes me two paragraphs to express into one well-formed sentence that sounds like a contractor. She is prompt, efficient, and meticulous in the back-and-forth it sometimes takes to fine-tune our message. Always ready to jump in and help, she is a delight to work with.”

—Mike Ouellet
President, Ouellet Associates, Inc.

“Martha has a special knack with words, incorporating the essence of the message with the finesse of contemporary writing. She is respected by her clients and is easy to work with on complex projects. Martha is an asset to any creative team.”

—Linda Varrell
President & Chief Strategist, Broadreach Public Relations

“When Martha works with my clients on their writing needs, the project is always smoother and more enjoyable, and the end product more effective. My clients are always grateful to have their intentions unpacked and thoughts expressed in the right words. Martha asks questions that reveal what’s important, writing copy that speaks directly to the audience and rewards them—often with humor—for investing their time. She’s also one of the most clever headline and tagline writers I know. Plus, she works with the impressive speed of a seasoned professional. I highly recommend her.”

—Wendy Clark
Creative Director/Designer, Wendy Clark Design