Because your grammar hasn’t gotten any better.

Despite what you might have thought back then, good writing matters. Style rules weren’t invented to annoy you. They exist to help readers by making writing consistent. Copyeditors know how to follow them.

Copywriting v. Copyediting

Copywriting is when you upload a lot of information to a writer, who assimilates and arranges it in pretty words. Copyediting is when you do the assimilation and give it to someone like me to polish. Having a copyeditor look at all your communications is a cost-effective way to ensure readability, and maintain a consistent brand voice and style, while you get on with the work you do best.

“Martha was able to hone in on the essence of what I was trying to convey with my new brand and business. I provided her with a rough draft of copy and she deftly turned my words into crystal clear statements of purpose. An added bonus was that she was able to work on a short timeline, for which I was very grateful.”

—Casey T Gilbert, PhD | PowerWith Consulting

“I’ve worked with Martha for 2 years on the Lyra Health blog series. She’s been an invaluable partner. She does everything from simple text tidying to taking large piles of unwieldy sentences and making them coherent and beautiful.”

—Matthew Boone
Creative Director-Clinical Content, Lyra Health