Shatnered: VO Session from Hell

Just because you have a great voice, doesn’t make you the best arbiter of how to use it. Unless you’re William Shatner. I’ve been on both sides of the recording booth. As much as I love receiving direction when I… Read more

Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter

Some people hate Brussels sprouts; others hate stringing words together. That’s what writers are for. But everyone’s a writer, right? With slapdash content epidemic on the Web, that’s the takeaway. Even if the blank page doesn’t send you screaming into… Read more

De-cluttering: It’s Not Just for Closets

Or the garage, or your desk. The best copy is nasty neat in its Spartan efficiency. It’s trim of excess words and punctuation. It compels through specificity—without TMI. It neither rambles nor says too little. And it’s easier to de-clutter… Read more