I’ve temporarily run out of syntactic annoyances to rail about, so here’s a poem, “Götterdämmerung,” which means an ass-whooping by the Gods or demagogues (my German’s not too good). Naturally, it’s whimsical, with a message of hope. Götterdämmerung The egg… Read more

Oven Cleaning Made Easy

If your oven looks as if a roast exploded inside every Sunday since 1999, here’s a tip: start a blog. I guarantee that oven cleaning will shoot up your to-do list, along with power washing the deck and exercise. I… Read more

Life Simplified Radio

It was a pleasure chatting with Bettina Blanchard on Life Simplified Radio recently. We talked about some of my favorite things: short, sweet writing, mindfulness, and making time for the things that really matter to us. Here’s a link to the… Read more

What’s in a tagline?

Mine (The best words. In the best order.) was repurposed from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s definition of poetry. (Like the works of Shakespeare, those words, in that order are in the public domain.) So, what’s in your tagline—or are you flying… Read more